August 30th 2009

What’s an old fart like me doing at an ACDC concert?

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What’s an old fart like me doing at an ACDC concert?.  Having a blast . Hey Angus Young is 54  and Brian Johnson is 62, so I fit right in!.

check it out Hells Bells .

Twitters during the show:

I have never seen so many racks of lights , spots, and it looks like a bunch of fireworks cannons right on the side of the stage. Oh there is a long runway running beside our section out into the floor.  It has cannons and speakers as well.
The warm up act is loud!!!!!!!! (They were measured at 102Db)
Crazy people. !!!!!!!

Really loud!!!!Awesome start. Tremendous experience. 3rd song. Only one fight so far. Not much. No blood.  All the favorites , Crowd loves em.

120 mins of non stop ACDC. Real cannons, locomotives, dirigibles, fireworks, all inside BC place. The finale For Those About to Rock!

Angus Young  is an incredible musician. He has so much energy . I thought he was going to die of a heart attack. Brian Johnson rocks non stop .  Just a tremendous show. Real entertainment , so many special effects. Next time,  bring a movie camera. But be prepared to stand for the whole show. You will not need your seat.

But what is it about rock concerts that makes girls show their boobs to the camera? Really big screens!

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