July 31st 2009

How to REALLY Use LinkedIn. Jan Vermeiren

How to REALLY Use LinkedIn. Jan Vermeiren. 2009. ISBN 9789081188630.  www.how-to-really-use-linkedin.com  The author has done a very very good job with this book. I have used LinkedIn for several years and felt pretty competent with it, but this chap has identified so many tools and tips on using it I feel like a newby all over.  Such tips as keeping up with one tool for all your  social networks (Hellotxt),  using LinkedIn as a steroid fueled people finder,  job finder, to increase networking,  locating new suppliers or  partners, he pretty well covers them all.  His comments on using Groups is worht the price of the book alone. I installed the LinkedIN Outlook toolbar and was amazed at the capabilities now  in the tool, (especially good in keeping Outlook contact data up to date, goodby Plaxo!) The firefox toolbar also has some hidden gems wrto extracting contact info from websites.   If you job/career requires maintaining a good network, this is a must read and implement book.  Google finds information, LinkeIn finds people.

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