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Hominds. Humans. Hybrids. The Neanderthal Parallax Trilogy . Robert J. Sawyer

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Hominds. Humans. Hybrids. The Neanderthal Parallax Trilogy . Robert J. Sawyer.

  1. Hominds  2002. ISBN 0765345005.
  2. Humans 2003. ISBN07653467543
  3. Hybrids 2003. ISBN  076534906X

For all those readers of my posts who have asked for some fiction reviews, here comes not one, but three ( I read many fiction books a month but usually do not post a review- but some want lighter reading)

Sawyer is a prolific and gifted  Canadian writer who postulated what would happen if there was a parallel physically identical world to ours where the Neanderthals became the dominant species? Because they had bigger brains, they were slightly more intelligent than /ahead of  Homo Sapiens.  They built a quantum computer that accidently allowed them to cross over to our world.  The ensuing sequences of events takes up the trilogy. It is tautly written, gripping and filled with some of the best science writing I have seen in a long while.  His reference science articles really exist and his science is workable.  The story spans under two years and is filled with action, drama and some very penetrating questions about sustainability, religion, politics, and many of our basic beliefs.  You will not only enjoy the fiction, the questions will give your brain a work out. A great Canadian piece of adult work that you can give your teenager to spark some real conversation.  My youngest son gave these to me and I thank him.  Check out

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