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The Pixar Touch. The making of a company. David A Price

Pixar Animation Studios
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The Pixar Touch. the making of a company. David A Price. 2008. ISBN 9780307265753.  I so love it when a business  journalist writes a good book.  Good fact checking, clear prose and concise language.  Much of this story has been covered in the Steve Jobs autobiography.  This book gives a better treatment of the founders of Pixar, before Jobs came on the scene, right up to Disney buying Pixar.  The treatment of Jobs is quite kind ( unlike how he treats others).   If you are interested in how large animation projects really come together , or like me you just have to know things, this is a really great read .  262 pp which should do you for a RT one coast to the other, or a long weekend read. Lesson learned , great things are not done by reasonable men.

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