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Pandemic. Daniel Kalla

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Pandemic. Daniel Kalla. 2005. ISBN 076535084x.  It started as the flu…..  What if terrorists “weaponized”   a killer flu and sent martyrs out to infect the rest of the world?  Kalla is a Vancouver doctor, who write this after the SARs scare.  Move over Robin Cook here is another author who can scare you while you are sitting on your sofa.  Good pace, and better character development than most “popular” writers bother with these days.    Might be hard to find as he did not hit that hard on the best seller lists. (This review is for all my friends who wanted me to also list my “fiction” reads.  If I don’t watch much  TV – I get more reading in)

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All for One. 10 strategies for building trusted client partnerships. Andrew Sobel

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All for One. 10 strategies for building trusted client partnerships. Andrew Sobel. 2009 U|ISBN 9780470380284.  If your goal is to build great client relationships as a trusted partner (giving you long lasting, challenging, profitable good work) then Sobel has written the book for you.  The author was a senior VP with Cap Gemini and wrote previously  Making Rain, and Clients for Life  both of which are also excellent sources for the service professional.  There is too much in the book to summarize in this review – but he has lotsof great information at  He is a good clear writer and this is a book to read a few times – once to glean and then again to savour.  He could be a good example for top producer salespeople anywhere.

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