March 7th 2009

Travel_log_Samana_Feb 2008

samana_Dominican republic

Santa Barbara de Samana

As we were quite unprepared and having read about the problems in Samana, one of the lesser known towns in the Dominican Republic, we decided to wing it and take our chances. We did a walking tour which turned out to be a fruitful adventure.

The “pride of Samana” is a set of two causeways out to a tiny island at the harbour mouth. Getting there was unprepossessing as the locals seemed to have carved out a new road which was left as red dirt and dust. It was longer than it looked. The walk along the causeway was interesting, it provided us with great views of down town Samana, it also took us to several ruins (which could have either been houses or resorts). We then ended up at a quiet beach (part of a rather ostentatious resort with their own elevator to the beach), and our first step onto white sand and blue seas of the Caribbean. No begging on the beaches like Mexico and very friendly locals. This was a good start to the trip.

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