March 7th 2009

Travel log_Barbados_Feb 2009


A second British invasion! This brought about 40,000 Brits to this little gem of an island for a cricket test match, plus 3 cruise ships in port totally wiped out our chances of renting a mini-moke or scooter in Bridgetown! Our only alternative was to hire a private tour guide, Ron, to see the Island. Ron was very entertaining; he showed us the most famous resorts on the West side of the Island, including Sandy Lane where Tiger Woods was married.  He seemed somewhat disappointed that we did not want to see Cliff Richard‘s house. Although he did point out where Tom Sellick had property.  This side of the island is very developed, with more condos and resorts under construction, preventing the unwashed such as ourselves from seeing much of the famed beaches.  Yes, it sure is a money place!

We continued inland where fields of rippling sugar cane stretched as far as you can see, rising out of dark, fertile soil, allowing Barbados to maintain a sugar industry (perhaps ethanol in future). The east coast is completely different, beaches with rolling thunderous breakers and strong currents to catch the unwary surfboarder wind surfer – you certainly can see why the World Championships are held here. Unfortunately we didn’t get much beach time as the weather wasn’t cooperating.

We asked the question, is the island better off being independent – Ron felt yes, but that no political party should have too many sessions – perhaps two is one too many!  Before he dropped us off in downtown Bridgetown, Ron serenaded Amanda with a lovely strong voice – a serenade to encourage us to return to the island of Barbados

Cliff Richard in 2006.
Image via Wikipedia
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados
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