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Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play. Mahan Khalsa

A Day In the Lemonade Business
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Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play.  Mahan Khalsa. The demise of dysfunctional selling and the advent of helping clients succeed. 1999. ISBN 1883219507.  

(Just buy it) When I read a book and find it really insightful/useful  you can tell my the number of Post It stickies attached to pages.  I used an entire package on this book.!  If Sharon Drew Morgen is the #1 practitioner of the ultimate qualifying phone call, Khalsa is No 1 in the consultative sale and follow- up.  With these two authors,  you really need little else for the study of sales.  The author has worked for the Covey Cos since 1995, and he has devoted his consultancy to this work.  It took me quite some time to track down a copy of this book but it was well worth it.  You can read an excerpt  at

His company is the sales performance group.

The real gold items  for me were his consistent responses to actions that happen in every b2b sales situation.  He has a process,  plans and activities that help you help your clients succeed.  A very ethical person comes through in this book.

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