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Shakespeare. The world as a stage. Bill Bryson.

Cover of
Cover of Shakespeare

Shakespeare. The world as a stage. Bill Bryson. 2007. ISBN 9780061673696.  This completes my task  to read everything Bill Bryson has written so far. A book on the life of Shakespeare is always going to be a small book, since so little was written down about him.  Bryson does a good job of organising and relating what is known, what is surmised and what is made up about “The Bard”.  This is a quick, easy  read I enjoyed. Yet the book seemed to be missing much I could bite on – which is more likely due to the subject than the author.   I was intrigued by the whole story wrto debunking Francis Bacon as WS with its genesis in the nutty thoughts of a US spinster, who seemed gifted at bending influential peoples ears and wills.

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