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Whats with all this “Selling in a Down Economy” stuff?

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Whats with this “Selling in a Down Economy” stuff?  Consider this my 2009 rant.  I am getting really tired of my inbox and RSS feeds being filled with undifferentiated sales stuff using phrases like:

  • Increase margins and profits with…
  • Selling in a down economy
  • When the going gets tough….
  • Sales secrets for challenging times…
  • When your sales manager just does not understand …

At this rate I will wear out my Delete key.

Who writes this stuff?  (It must be salesmen) Why would I even open up the message – when it looks like everyone else?  If everyone else is saying this, why does that make it a good idea for you to?   How does selling like everyone else show that you are different ?

To be effective in any market you need to be seen as different (Differentiation people!),  regardless of the economy. The whole premise of being precise is to match your message more exactly than your competition to the target audience. Different people need and read different “precise” messages.

Think about it.  you know in your heart that you want to be talked to about things you are interested in, by people who quickly show they will not waste your time.  That will not happen if they look and sound like everyone else.  And that’s 30.

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