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The Paperback Book. Rick Mercer

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The Paperback Book. Rick Mercer. 2007. ISBN 9780385665193. A collection of Rick Mercer Report Rants.    I think Mercer often  defines us as Canadians (by showing us how much fun the others are having) . Certainly if you lived someplace else, it would be hard to find this so funny.   I could not read this in a hurry as most of this stuff is that  funny.  His satire makes you think , regardless of if you agree with  him or not.  A great book for when you are sitting on the tarmac in Toronto waiting for the de-icing crew to get to your plane,  again. And you have four hours to go before you get to another cold and snowy place, where the streets have still not been plowed or sanded.  Give it to your shut in Mother who has been unable to negotiate the ice covered walks for 10 days – she will thank you for it., while feeling just a little guilty at laughing  at that nice Mr Harper (yet she never trusted that Mulroney fella)

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