December 11th 2008

Outliers. The story of success. Malcom Gladwell

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Outliers. The story of success. Malcom Gladwell. 2008. ISBN 9780316017923.   Ask your significant other to get this for you for Christmas.  Once I started reading, I did not (could not) put it down.  The online reviewers have covered the 10 000 hr rule (the amount you need to practise to become really good) , the rice paddy and Jewish lawyer legacy.   I was taken with his analysis of why Asian school children do so much better than North American – basically they do not have such long summer holidays. Kids need to be in school much much longer, especially with the time it takes to “get ” math. (As an ex Math teacher I really understand this) The description of the KIPPS schools results is heady stuff.  Well written, well researched and no shortcuts were taken. (His end of book notes are almost another book). Loved it, buy it, read and enjoy it!

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  1. I thought Gladwell’s book was excellent. I wrote my review of Outliers on my blog.

    I am currently working on my 10k hours as a writer. I’m confident I will get good at it someday.

    James said on 12 Dec 2008 at 7:12 am #

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