December 9th 2008

Tribes. We need you to lead us. Seth Godin.

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Tribes. We need you to lead us. Seth Godin. 2008. ISBN9781591942330.  I think Godin is just getting better and better. Yes his books are short- tiny even. Yes they are very simple and single minded. Yet that is exactly why they are so good.  This one explains (along with other stuff) that:

  • Tribes have leaders,
  • Social media creates tribes
  • Skype created a tribe – and killed telco revenues
  • Wikipedia, Al Gore , Steve Jobs -all tribe builders
  • Crowds have no leaders
  • Crowds are tribes with no communication
  • Heretics make change
  • You decide to lead, not manage.
  • And “R U Stuck on Stupid?”

This is a short plain ride book, a quick after Christmas turkey read.  At the end Godin suggests that the best thing you can do with this book – is pass it onto someone else to spread the word about leading.

I liked it. A lot.

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