November 21st 2008

Take it easy on your sales people these days.

Misleading Customer Service Kills Your Business

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“Don’t break their soul.”  I was told this today by Ian Slebie, one of the top sales guys/trainers  I like to  hang out with from time to time.  Sure business is not great right now and you are under pressure to make the numbers with your team.  But beating on the team is just adding to the bad news assailing all of them from the media.  “Its no ones faults.”  Sales is an even tougher gig in tough times, because you need to be confident and strong to take the steady rejection that is just part of the turf.  During tough times, you need your superiors to be rooting for you and not against you.   This is a time to show your leadership skills in stepping  up and taking the hit for the team , while protecting them from any internal negativism in your shop.  As a sales leader, your job is to be positive,  to  and strategize. You  make efforts to assist your team to climb out of any slumps, while you make life even harder for your competitors.  Your great customer service and even greater customer experience efforts will pay off.

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