November 4th 2008

The Lemonade Stand on the Corner. How to start a successful business after 50. Victor Benoun.

Waiting for Customers

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The Lemonade Stand on the Corner. . Victor Benoun.  This little book was fun to read. The author, himself very successful in a few businesses, has been able to boil the concepts into some simple and easy to digest steps.  For any small business owner there are pearls here, even when you have been going for some time.  I learned to start to appreciate the daily accomplishments that we could tend to take for granted, e.g. the unsolicited referral, the callback from a customer of long ago,  the dedication of those around you.  A pragmatic useful book that goes beyond “just starting a business”.  Great line in the book, “Selling is a one-time experience, marketing is the ongoing cultivation of a relationship to satisfy the customers needs on an ongoing basis”.  If you see it on the airport newsstand, its worth a read.

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