September 19th 2008

Strategic Alliances. Three ways to make them work. Steve Steinhilber

Jack Bauer usa Cisco Systems

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Strategic Alliances. Three ways to make them work. Steve Steinhilber. 2008 (November) ISBN 9781422125885. Harvard Press has a good one here in the Memo to the CEO series. The author is Cisco’s head of Alliances and he has greated the desktop workbook on the subject.  There is utility for the smallest to largest company here – especially when the pundits tell us that ina down economy you need more alliances in order to weather the storm. I found the section on the attributes of the alliance executive valuable as I am often called to help clients select such a person. Stenhilbers ideas aligned with my own, but I also found his lead item that this person should have cross functional experience (even as far as being  a CEO of a smaller firm) to be very insightful . Many times companies will select as strong salesperson for the role and they all too often are found lacking.  This is tough on all parties.  A very easy and quick (112pp) read. Watch for it.

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