September 15th 2008

Buying Facilitation. The new way to sell that influences & expands decisions. Sharon Drew Morgen.

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Buying Facilitation. The new way to sell that influences & expands decisions. Sharon Drew Morgen.2003. ISBN 0964355302.  This New York Times best selling author was a recent discovery,  via Steve Flashman.

This  is an insightful look at sales qualification, as we’ve known it. She believes that there are actually two aspects to sales – first the product placement end, and then the buying decision end; We’ve always assumed that buyers understood their needs, were ready to buy, and we the sales team only needed to understand pain and solution issues. i.e. the buying decision end. Up to now we may have ignored the product placement front end.

In this simple book, Sharon Drew Morgen breaks down those things that buyers go through before they are ready/willing to buy or fix their problem.  This book tells you where they go and what they are doing, while you are waiting for their response . She describes where buyers go when they say ‘I’ll call you back’ and what is taking so long, and gives insights into ways to greatly diminish the sales cycle (hint:it’s about their internal decision making issues),

This book explains Morgen Buying Facilitation Method(R) that is a decision facilitation approach to teach buyers how to line up all of the internal decisions they need to make, before introducing the product and solution.   Sales has up to now not had the tools to help manage the very front end of the sales equation.  If you want to become one of the top 5% sales people , while  serving the customer better than you are today,  buy this easy to read book.

Because she does not agree with the main stream “this is just the way sales is ” mindset , her writings have not been picked up as much as they could be.  This is not a cookie cutter process she describes and it still requires a strong dedication to your learning process. This lady has shown us a better way to gain an early understanding of the buyers process.   This is another big step on the way  to prevent much of the waste we see in selling.

You can pick up a copy here.

She has lots of content on her website

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