September 13th 2008

Marketing for Construction. Steve Flashman.

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Marketing for Construction. Steve Flashman. 2008.  e-book.  The title is correct, yet this is also a very good introduction to sales oriented marketing for people new to the game or  who just want to know more.  I really enjoyed this book and found lots of depth in it.  From his 101 marketing ideas through to his analysis of the evolution of sales approaches, the book is well thought out, well written and refreshing.  His section on lead research questions and partnering are relevant to every field.  It has a distinct UK focus with lots of detail about that construction market, but do not let that stop  you from purchasing this.  I am going to follow up on his analysis of the LEED style an applications to all manners of building “green”  He talks about applying lean thinking to marketing and I am especially intrigued by this.

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