September 2nd 2008

Stop acting like a seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer. Jerry Acuff & Wally Wood.

Stop acting like a seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer. Jerry Acuff & Wally Wood. 2007. ISBN 9780470068342.  From his first questions through to the examples and stories, the author immediately takes you to a very real place in the selling world.  This easy to read, insightful and hard hitting book is so far my Book of the Year for sales people. If you want to truly succeed  at todays sales game – get and read this book above all else.  If you don’t , then quit reading now – life is just  going to be too tough for you.  In his words ( wish I had written these) “great salesmen inform, involve, engage and provoke thought”.  “People will buy what they want not what you think they need”  “You are trying to see if your product is a fit for what they want.” Acuff blows the accepted  statements about sales out the window, showing you how to really prepare for each call, to setup for success or a quick no.  He leads you to understand that this is a sales conversation not ever a sales call.

A great insight on the changing nature of sales leads to day- which we well know of.  Prospects, when in their research, knowledge pursuit stage do not want to be “called on’ , trial sold or pursuaded.  They want information and to learn.  Later when ready, they may engage you (if you made the short list)  and they want you to have done as much homework on them as they have done on you- to be able to get right down to “what are you and your products going to do for me?”  They do not want to sit down and discuss with every salesmen their problems, pains etc. There is no time for this and expect you to do this on your own. So when your website indicates a new lead – the worst thing your sales team could do is to rush and call them up – does sales really know what they are getting into?. Of course not.

Gotta love this stuff!

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