August 25th 2008

Literary reflections. James A. Michener.

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Literary reflections. James A. Michener.  1993. ISBN 0812550528.  Mitchener on Mitchener, Margaret Mitchell, Ernest Hemingway Truman Capote & others.   I am slowly building my collection of writer’s tools.   This one is a loosely organized set of insightful essays showing Mitchener’s growth as a reader and writer.  His life experiences are shown, but only briefly (giving me a desire to know more) He gives us some of his most useful writing tools and work attitudes. His thoughts on  writers that had great impact on him was what I found  revealing. Some writers I had read, but others I had not. He has caused me to want to read those ones too.   I am learning just how much homework these successful writers put into becoming skilled craftsmen.   This is an easy delightful read, well worth the few hours required (definitely not one of his “big” books).  Unexpected treats are his poems sprinkled throughout.

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  1. Thanks for the review Reg. I found your blog via your review of The Innovator’s Guide to Growth at Amazon. Beautiful wedding pics… congratulations to you and Amanda!!! 🙂

    Bob Kirk said on 25 Aug 2008 at 8:03 am #

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