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The Last Lecture. Randy Pausch.

The last lectureImage by nimboo via Flickr

The Last Lecture. Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow. 2008. ISBN 9781401323257. Perhaps you have already watched Randy Pausch give his last lecture at Carnegie Mellon, afterhe was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The video is compelling and truly inspirational. This book is the result of as series of interviews Randy gave Jeffrey Zaslow after the lecture (Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams ). It has the background and thoughts of Randy that go with the lecture. He is young man, very bright, very articulate who wanted to leave something behind, a book and a lecture that his young children could have as they grew up to know what their father was like. The writing is clear, concise and full of strong emotional content. I recommend it to everyone as one of the decades most uplifting, inspirational conversations you can have.

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