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Talking Your Way to the Top. Gretchen S. Hirsch.

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Talking Your Way to the Top. Gretchen S. Hirsch. 2006. ISBN 9781591024613.  I learned from Hirsch much. For example.  Did you realize how much TV (American announcers ) is ruining good language habits?   Did you also know that only 15% of the 2 billion English users are natural English speakers?  In future  years Chinglish is not going to be the only mangled English example.

If you care how you speak and want to ensure that what you say is what you mean, this is the handbook for you.  I call it a handbook, because it wastes little time before jumping into the correct and incorrect (with explanations) use of common English words/phrases.  I remember many of these lessons from a diminutive grade seven teacher – she is nameless in my memory- but she was absolutely immovable on the use of proper English.  She pounded it fiercely into our tormented adolescent brains. Imagine my surprise and dismay to find that I was severely guilty of many obvious misuses of English that until I read this book , I had forgotten.  Its short, concise,  easy to pack and quite fun to read – you will be dumbfounded, I assure you.

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