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Subliminal Persuasion Influence & Marketing Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know. Dave Lakhani

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Subliminal Persuasion Influence & Marketing Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know. Dave Lakhani. 2008. ISBN 9780470243367.  Also Persuasion. the art of getting what you want. Dave Lakhani. 2005. ISBN0471730440. Taken together these are two of the bets books on persuasion I have come across . The author uses his well researched techniques throughout the book so you can experience how persuasion is not manipulation, its selling, marketing, seduction. all rolled up.  Lakhani is the guru in this space and his research is extensive and documented for the discerning reader.

You need to read these books to

  1. recognize and be forewarned when techniques are being used and
  2. learn how to apply them.

You will recognize the impact of these techniques through stories about Volvo (safe and boxy), The Sierra Club, the Organic Food movement (pay more for the same thing)  as well as the Natural movement.  Read about the most influential (and unknown) American ever, Edward Bernays who made it fashionable for women to smoke, promoted bacon and eggs until it was the American breakfast, stoked the fear of communism to “rally the population”,  and participated in the United Fruit Co /Guatemala/CIA led government toppling.  Bernays believed that the conformity of the masses made for a smoother “democratic” society.   Amazing yet serious stuff.

The authors take on Positioning:

  • Positioning and packaging is creating a legendary message that meets the expectation of your target audience and gains persuasive compliance.
  • We are leveraging storytelling.
  • We are focusing on creating complementary models
  • We are creating a persona that is easily identifiable with you, your company, and your product or your service you are leveraging.

Taken with Chip Bells work on customer loyalty, these persuasive techniques create a one two punch that would help you beat most opposition.  I believe that todays sales and marekting leaders need to become more familiar with Lakhanis work. They are easy concise reads, well worth the little effort to learn.

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