July 1st 2008

Summer fiction: Times Eye (Arthur C. Clarke) and The Poe Shadow (Matthew Pearl)

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 3/28/05

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Summer fiction: Times Eye (Arthur C. Clarke)  and The Poe Shadow (Matthew Pearl)

Time’s Eye. Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter. 2005. ISBN057507647x . What if Genghis Khan met up with Alexander the Great at the height of their powers? And each army had 19th century British and 21st century Russion American, English and Afghan advisors?  This book rocks along with the improbable, with lots of history included to help those poor American who forgot all theirs.  It also includes Rudyard Kipling as an observer.   Good airplane book, if you still go on them.

The Poe Shadow. Matthew Pearl. 2006. ISBN 784655084.  Pearl attempts to solve the mystery of Edgar Allan Poe‘s death by using Poe’s own characters brought to life to solve the “crime”? He writes in the Victorian style (like reading Arthur Conan Doyle). Despite the absence of violence, sex or improbable situation comedy,  this is an enjoyable book.

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