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It’s All Right Here. Life and affairs organizer. Mark Gavagan

It’s All Right Here. Life and affairs organizer. Mark Gavagan. 2007. ISBN 9780980005608. This is a serious subject and one many do not do well on. It is a document that answers the question, “What if something happened to you and/or your spouse tonite? Would those you love have all the critical information they need? The author has gone to quite some trouble putting this book/binder together. I was particularly interested in the section on private business, and found it to be thorough and useful.

From the website (which is where you buy this book) .

Topics Include: Real estate, investments, insurance, retirement plans, benefits, hidden valuables, advisors (lawyer, accountant, etc.) important keys, allocation of personal items, living wills, organ donation, final arrangements, information about storage units, safes and safe deposit boxes, detailed pet care instructions, critical information about privately-owned businesses, and much more.

Intended Audience: Everyone, including young parents preparing their first wills and making initial life insurance purchases, up through seniors concerned about retirement, finances, estate planning and issues surrounding possible incapacity and loss of life.

About the Author: Mark Gavagan, a Business/Economics graduate of Utica College, has a broad background in business and financial services. His career includes more than sixteen years as an equity trader, registered representative, entrepreneur, writer, and Fortune 100 company manager. Mark lives in northern New Jersey. He’s married and has two daughters.

Document & Key Storage Features:

> 5 heavy duty, clear, acid-free, 3-hole punched sleeves. Total capacity = 100+ pages

> Key storage is similar to above, but with 9 individual pockets and cutom label tags for copies of important keys

> Standard 3-ring binder has plenty of additional room for 3-hole punched statements, documents, etc.

Website has more examples. Good $49 investment in my opinion.