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Myself and Other More Important Matters . Charles Handy

London Business School

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Myself and Other More Important Matters . Charles Handy. 2008. ISBN 9780814401736. Charles Handy is considered the English Peter Drucker. He founded the London Business School, the first business school in the UK. He has had an extensive and varied career in the private and public sector as well as in some time in the spiritual vs secular life. His words to MBA candidates and graduates ring very true believing as he does that DO is much more important than IQ. A very easy reading and flowing book, Handy is a good writer, which one could trace back to his being a Classicist. I would suggest this as a thought provoking book when you have the time and inclination to ponder your life. On life after death, ” Well I did not give much thought to the world before I came into it, so why should I bother about it when I am gone? .” Good gift book from Father to Son.