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Contrarian. The contrarian effect. Why it pays (big) to take typical sales advice and do the opposite.Michale Port & Elizabeth Marshall.

Contrarian. The contrarian effect. Why it pays (big) to take typical sales advice and do the opposite Michale Port & Elizabeth Marshall. 2008. ISBN 978-0470237908. This is a seminal book for the sales industry. Why do you ask? Does your sales dept think the following?

  • Cold calling is an effective way to generate leads, since everyone is a potential customer.
  • Prospecting means you make a certain amount of calls each day (usually 100) in order to reach potential client.
  • The Numbers Game is tried and true formula that helps sales professionals determine how many calls they have to make in order to set a certain number of meetings so as to make a certain number of sales.
  • Canned or scripted presentations are effective, since most potential clients have the same needs and desires.
  • During a potential client, the sales professional’s job is to present the product or serrice, explain the features and benefits, handle any customer objections and then close the sale
  • Tactics such as closing techniques and other strategies used to speed up the sale are vital, since it’s critical for the sales professional to “make his number.”

Congratulations your sales dept is stuck in the 1889 model.

Perhaps the world has changed since 1889?

Perhaps customer s have changed since 1889?

Perhaps it is time for selling to change?

Todays prospects expect no, demand that you:

  • Listen to them and understand their needs and desires
  • Tell the truth and be radically transparent (Sounds like the Go Getter – Be authentic)
  • Respect them and their ability to buy from anyone, anytime
  • Honor their timetable and their buying schedule
  • Allow them to buy in the way that works for them
  • Be authentic and sincere
  • Ask permission to keep in touch
  • Keep your word and honor your commitments
  • Treat them as intelligent people capable of making a good decision.

This books reeks of truth and the reality of selling today. In our practise we live the implementation of this every day. There is a better way and it is not a surprise. But it is not a halfway half hearted method. It requires full on committment.

I urge you to buy this book and devour it. It is the seminal book on selling today.

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