April 2nd 2008

Beautiful Evidence. Edward Tufte. The Non-Designer’s Design Book. Robin Williams. Thoughts on Presentations

Beautiful Evidence. Edward Tufte. The visual display of quantitative evidence. 2006. ISBN0961392177. This book covers the gamut of the published works of Isaac Newton, the review of the Challenger Disaster ( A telling indictment of PowerPoint) and a review of where PowerPoint fails badly in so many ways ( yes he does not care for it) through to how public sculpture should be displayed. A wonderful and eclectic book. Recommended if you truly want to be a better communicator. Plus this book on your coffee table will make people think you are really smart.

The Non-Designer’s Design Book. Design and typographic principles for the visual novice. Robin Williams. 2008.ISBN 9780321534040. Once again when a real expert writes a book the complex can seem so simple. This is a gorgeous book. She shows you exactly what to do about keeping items with intellectual connectivity proximate. She holds forth on how to best use Alignment, Repetition, Contrast and Colour for print, web and all types of content. Thoroughly done asd 100% enjoyable ot read. I loved the sections on Fonts; begone Arial/Times Roman !

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