March 31st 2008

European Business Customs & Manners. Mary Murray Bosrock

European Business Customs & Manners. Mary Murray Bosrock. 2006. ISBN 0881664979. This covers 31 countries in the EU. There is a very good introductory session with tips etc. for traveller. For each country there is then brief comments on:

  • Basic background
  • Vital statistics
  • The people
  • Meeting and greeting
  • Names and titles
  • Languages
  • Conversation
  • Body language
  • Dining
  • Drinking
  • Toasting
  • Tipping
  • Manners
  • Dress
  • Gifts
    • Hostess gifts
    • Business gifts
  • Helpful hints
  • Punctuality
  • Corporate Culture
      • Structure
      • Meetings
      • Communication
      • Business cards
      • Be aware
      • Socializing
  • Especially for women
  • Holidays & Festivals

In helping clients become more familiar with new markets in the EU this has been a very useful resource. A major part of building market relations is building trust. Having a grasp of how to do business in a new country is a help toward building that trust If you are looking at the EU and lack experience this would be a useful book (I just wish more Americans read this type of book before they traveled.) I found the chapter on Spain helpful in understanding business people during my recent visit to Argentina.  She has written several books like this

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