March 12th 2008

Gardel, Maradonna, and art in BA

Mar 11. This was the Shrine visit day. First off to see the bronze of Carlos Gardel. He is the Elvis of Tango, who also died too soon. Beautiful singing voice, Gardel is an icon in BA. They have converted his house into a museum, and the streets nearby have many tango stores and tango halls. But to see the birthplace of tango, we had to go to Boca.
Boca has the part of the port, where the immigrants built corrugated steel houses, which they then painted in vivid colors. This is also called Caminito. It is a feast for any artists eye to land in this part of old BA. There are non stop tango shows to go with your lunch and always a smoldering eye’d partner to pose dramatically with you. As you walk the rough cobbled streets, there are artists displaying wonderful works all along the street. Very affordable and original work.
Boca is also the name of the football club that was home to a somewhat famous guy called Diego Maradona. There are pictures, shrines, papermache statues of him all around the area. Evidently he can do no wrong, unless you are a River Platte football fan. So BA shares with Manchester the hosting of two bitter rival clubs in the same city, just at different ends.


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