March 8th 2008

Iceburg Alley. Feb 26

Feb 26 Monday. Another stunning day in Antarctica. We steamed into iceberg alley and stood in awe as we watched icebergs float by with amazing glaciers as a backdrop. What an incredible sight. Some of the bergs are bigger than the ship, big enough to land a 747 on, with room to spare, surrounds us. Considering that only 1/7th is above water makes them truly huge, and you feel real small! Of course it was as cold as the proverbial witches tits – the wind never stops blowing. At times I cannot imagine the conditions that early sailors underwent to get around the horn. Nor why early adventurers kept going under conditions much worse than these. So far only 250 000 people on our earth have ventured this way and less than 50 000 have set foot on the Antarctic peninsula. One of this ship´ś crew member mentioned that since their cabins are below the waterline and the water is so cold here, they feel they are living in an icebox. When the sun shines, the sights and vistas are incredible. Feeling really lucky today as there were sightings of Humpback whales, seals, Orcas, and many stunning seabirds. Still a considerable lack of wildlife to pacify my partner!
Our Capt. also takes us through the Gerlache Strait & Neumayer Channel.


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