March 8th 2008

Feb 26. Deception Island

Wed Feb 26. Off Deception Island in the South Shetlands. Sunrise today was nothing like yesterday, which was described as magnificent, mystical, almost magical.

Now heading NW to Cape Horn. There is a storm approaching and the Capt wants to get around the Cape in good time. Had breakfast with an LA criminal judge, who described his profession as, ¨I´m in sales – I sell hard time¨. Great chap Leon and his wife Laura, a retired school teacher. Free ranging discussion about the US election, and the consensus suggests that Hillary can´t catch Obama at the moment. Laura felt that Hillary cannot win because she is a woman. Black male trumps any female. Leon´s comment – regardless of who is elected any of the three (including McCain) would make a good president. The country wants hope and change, and Obama offers that. Hillary will also fight the health insurance firms. Leon felt that the US had great health care, but a terrible billing system.

CA at one time fired all parole and probation officers, then the crime rate really rose. They are now hiring many more back, and the rate is decreasing. They operate a three strikes and then life in prison, no parole.

Weather is worsening. It snowed on deck last night, then it froze to the deck, making walking precarious.

Some discussion by a couple from Timmins explaining how a 50:50 Fr/eng town operates. You need to be bilingual to bag groceries. They also explained how the Ont. conservatives lost the election – over funding all separate schools. Not just the Catholics. Most Cdns we meet seem very happy with Stephen Harper. There seems no alternative.

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