March 8th 2008

Feb 24-25, Elephant Island, Gerlache & Esperanza Station.

February 24 – Weather continues to be grand. Today we cruise past Elephant Is. which is part of the S. Shetland Is. and our first glimpse of the magnificent glaciers of the Antarctic sound. A running commentary from our captain informs us that there are 2 Brazilian research stations on this island. Also a plaque commemorating the 1916 rescue of survivors of the British ship Endurance by the Chilean navy cutter Yelcho.

February 25 – We cruise into Hope Bay on the Trinity Peninsula and past the Argentinean Esperanza Station.
Just saw a sailboat go by, it was so small. Takes a lot of guts to travel these waters in such a small vessel. Must have been because it was such a nice day.
We then head back out towards Admiralty Bay, where the depth changes from 3000 to 900 ft. Then on to King George Is. where we will stop at the Arctowski Polish Research station. A zodiak load of research scientists will board the ship and provide a live broadcast on the wonders of Antarctica.

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