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Feb 26. Bransfield Straits Antarctica

February 26 РFrom lobster red to polar blue. We are currently 57 degrees S latitude and as far south as we will go. Met a delightful lady, Elaine, from Lancaster W Virginia. Full of wit. Re wildlife sightings, she suggested that Amanda needed to reset her expectations! The whale count is now up to five. A few seals and seabirds, but evidently still not enough. We are now moving N W up the Bransfield Straits. Miles and miles of glaciers on each side of us, running right down into the ocean. The Strait is similar to a narrow BC fiord, about three ship widths wide. Feeling truly blessed to be here as the weather continues to be absolutely stunning. The captain states he has never had a trip with such great weather, all the years he has traveled this route. The captain reduces his speed as we slowly drift into ¨iceberg alley¨.Icebergs