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Flying the Unfriendly UnUnited Skies

Fly the un-United skies. How one flight can be so wrongUnited

I had read about United Airlines attempts to balance their books. Charges for extra bags etc, But my recent trip to Buenos Aires organized by Princess Cruises, took the cake.

Arrival at Seattle terminal was the start. Aware of United´s antipathy to extra bags we carried only two. Both were over weight by 4 lbs. So the uncaring attendant suggested we transfer the extra weight to one suitcase. What a gong show. However $50 later we were checked in. The flight to Dulles to make our connection was delayed, reducing the time between flights to 40 minutes. By the time we walked off the plane in Dulles, we had 25 minutes. Now the fun began. We made the connection and discovered I was n row 17 and Amanda in 23. So much for booking really early. It turned out my seat mate was separated from her partner as were many other couples. So we took matters into own hands, played musical chairs (sin music) and got everyone with their respective partners.

All in all, not so friendly skies and definitely not United!