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Fun with Food and Fermented Beverages. Ashley Walkley.

this is the answer!  (What was the question?)Fun with Food and Fermented Beverages. Ashley Walkley. 2008. ISBN 9781427628770. Once again Dear Reader we are giving you just the facts to live your life to the fullest. Just how many times a week do you turn to your significant other and say ” Gee I hope this bottle of Old Washboard Red goes well with the meatloaf?” Well fear not, this is the book for all you struggling with pairing food with wine, beer and Scotch.

All kidding aside, I read this book riding the luxurious Skytrain home tonite and found that this is a winner! Of course it is , its written by an Aussie! Straight down the middle, pragmatic, no varnish on it and just exactly what you need to know, for any kind of food with any cuisine. Would that other authors made their topics so easy, enticing and digestible. Buy it, it’s good for you plus you will impress your friends and enemies! You may not find it at Chapters/Amazon but you can get it directly at ¬† his website¬†

Tell Ashley Reg sent you! (Argentina is now 5.5 days away!)