February 7th 2008

The New era of Salesmanship. Bringing the art of selling into the 21st century. Thomas A. Freese.

The New era of Salesmanship. Bringing the art of selling into the 21st century. Thomas A. Freese. 2005. ISBN1891892207. www.qbsresearch.com.. One quote says it all.

“Teaching salespeople to sound the same as everyone else is the quickest way to commoditize your value proposition and forfeit your competitive advantage. In an increasingly competitive business marketplace, companies are looking for something different that will energize their sales teams, and significantly increase your return on invested sales effort.”

This is a very valuable book. This the third in a series . Secrets of  Question Based Selling  (QBS) , It Only Takes 1% and now this one where he explains how to implement QBS into a sales organization. Why this is so important is that Freese has stated “if your suspects are not curious about what you do” why would they ever:

open your emails?

return or take your call?

engage with your website?

respond to any of your material.?

This is why 99% of all sales materials/approaches/processes are useless. Because they talk about you and your company. But when is a prospect is interested in you?  He is interested in himself and his problems. To make him curious about you, you  need to talk about his problems and earn his curiosity and the right to learn more. want to tes it?  How many emails, voice mails and marketing messages make you curious?  1 in 90? None/  He is onto something

Every serious sales person who wants to earn the big bucks and make it all look so easy, nust read and use this book. Each chapter ends with action items that ar so pragmatic.

Questions for you,” So tell me what client problem(s) does your product solve? ”

Do you have a simple answer that a customer would really care about?

Why are the implications of this(ese) problem(s) ?

Can you find 20?

Why do these matter to the client?

What happens to the business if he does not act?

These questions are the start of Freese’ method. Read the book to find out just what a jewel the book and approach is. Give me a 1% fee on your increased commission and I will be a rich rich man.  Of course if you were content to be just good enough you would not be reading this blog.  As a friend said to me  this week, “What kind of man are you anyway? ” (with all  apologies to the distaff side).

Read Freese’s articles at http://www.qbsresearch.com/articles/index.cfm. I intend to read, and review all his books in short order.  It llooks like you will have to buy the book on his site www.qbsresearch.com.  Bummer, there goes my 20 cents!

And that’s 30

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