January 28th 2008

Argentina here we come! What stinkin’ cold ‘n snow? Que pasa?

Three weeks from today I will be winging my way to Argentina. Just a brief (30 day) respite from the cold and snow. So I have been buried in some work as well as preparation for the trip. (hey I am still an engineer so its all about the details and execution)

The location I owe to Tim Ferris (4 hour work week guy) . He is also a resource on travelling light and assorted ways of enjoying yourself. The bookings were arranged with my agency , which I joined a few years ago (ask me how to do this) money well spent. Airfares selected from lots of sites- but this is a good one. For tips on travel just about anywhere and a great one -stop resource Bootsnall.

For research I have been really lucky. Thanks to Lonely Planet, Footprint Books and Rough Guides ( great waterproof maps) . On ITunes there is Rick Steves and Lonely Planet podcasts. The BBC DVD One Planet series is mind blowing.

I need Spanish but that’s not a problem. Spanishpod to the rescue. Tips on Argentina abound but I like Argentina travel a lot. In Buenas Aires I needed an apartment. Tomas at Ba4u has a whole host of them in toney areas like Recoleta and Palermo. While there I have hooked up with bloggers like Maya Frost to have dinner with!

To really lighten our pack we picked up a NokiaN800 tablet from Tigerdirect.ca Awesome wireless tablet with Skype.
To ensure I have a wireless connection I grabbed an Apple Airport Express . It works anywhere! Plus it is awesome for movie watching. For DVDs I am using Plato DVD Ripper Pro.

And just to round it out we are taking a 16 day cruise down to – wait for it Antarctica ( and other places of note). I will be the first Nordman to retrace ( in more comfort) my Grandfather’s sail in the late 1890’s in what was at the time the smallest sailing vessel ( 45 T) to make it around the Cape.

So now you know why my posts have slowed down. But I will pack a mess of books on the trip so prepare for a flurry. Its a cloudy in Buenas Aires today (24 C) but nearby Montevideo is sunny and 29. Gotta love it! Must run. Spanish lesson is up and then tango practice. Buena suerta!

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3 Responses to: “Argentina here we come! What stinkin’ cold ‘n snow? Que pasa?”

  1. Hi Reg,

    Looking forward to meeting you here in Buenos Aires! And I want to hear more about your grandfather’s adventure. Cool!


    Maya Frost said on 28 Jan 2008 at 11:31 am #

  2. Hi Reg,
    Good luck in Argentina. If you have any special lesson requests, you can email them to us on the site. We’re happy to do the odd request!

    Steve at SpanishPod.com

    Steve@SpanishPod said on 30 Jan 2008 at 2:24 am #

  3. Mr. Nordman you are having way too much fun these days…! Have fun leaving the snowzone! Cheers!

    Andrew Kumar said on 30 Jan 2008 at 8:16 am #

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