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What’s up with No and the Millenia Generation?

The trouble with No and the Millenia Generation. Colin McWhinney of SalesXperts shared with me a story of a young sales rep they were trying to help. He seemed to be doing everything possible not to make the client sales phone call. More research , writing proof materials, looking for more information on the web. To all intents he was ready, but could not pull the trigger. Turns out that after his first few calls had been full on rebuffs, he was blaming the system in use and was trying to invent a new one.

Cam Marston tells us that the Millenia generation has had their life super organized for them. S0ccer practice, hockey clinics, power skating , summer science camps, if they expressed an interest, they had it. No time to think for themselves about what they need to do nor how to get to do it. Add a school system that protects them from any sort of failure or self-confidence hit and you have a perfect storm. They have never been told No.

They never had to fight through obstacles to get something they want. Imagine how crushing and unique it is to them that a prospect says no. If your life experience to date has not prepared you to rise above a no, it is all too easy to let it stop you. Funny how all the super great sales heros (e.g. Zig Ziglar, Robt Kawasaki, Tony Robbins) had to rise above their beginnings to become masters of their art.

If you are looking to add to your sales team (when it is hard to find anyone) you will need to look at having an infrastructure in place that really supports the sales folks much more than you are used to . This generation will not hang around if you use the school of hard knocks. Oh yes, Colin was able to coach that young sales guy to success.