October 11th 2007

The Dream Manager. Matthew Kelly.

The Dream Manager. Matthew Kelly.2007.ISBN 9781401303709. A business fable along the lines of Lencioni’s. Continuing along my present theme of suggestions for our present and looming huge HR problem in tech, this book is refreshing and insightful while being “short” and easy to read. Taken as part of a pair with the recent book I reviewed by Cam Marston this gives you further tools and insights into your company and workforce. Without giving away the store, the narrator is COO of a boring services company that is having very (400%) turnover rates. The employees , managers, owner and clients arr all unhappy. Costs are rising and profits are down. These are ordinary people with tough problems. The solution and turnaround are an inspirational read. The author has been practicing this method for many years and has the proof to show that it works. I like the fable genre, it teaches while it entertains, ths lowering our learned barriers to knowledge. Great quote from Mark Twain,” Those who do not read great books are under no disadvantage over those who can not read.” Another from Kelly, ” There are no quick fixes to situations that involve real, living, breathing people.”

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