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The Ultimate Sales Machine. Turbocharge your business with relentless focus on 12 key strategies. Chet Holmes

The Ultimate Sales Machine. Turbo charge your business with relentless focus on 12 key strategies. Chet Holmes 2007. ISBN 9781591841609. This is way more than a very good sales book. It is a very concise business management book. I can think of 200 company CEOs that I know that must read this book and put the principles into action. Holmes has nailed efficiency and effectiveness in one book. No wonder so many great writers have given him such terrific praise. It’s a plane ride book, night stand book, sales group bible, something you read and reread. Despite the ease in reading there are few wasted words in the book. Lesson learned, he really draws out the value in the educational sell with examples in every type of business sale. The author is a very high performance sales guy who shows you how to do the hard things well and get the results. Yes I liked it. He quotes Jay Abraham, “If you truly believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, then you have a moral obligation to try to serve them in every way possible.”

Stand on Zanzibar. John Brunner

Stand on Zanzibar. John Brunner. 1968 1857988361. Thanks to Steven Forth for pushing me to find this book. Written in ’68 about the 2010 time frame and what a wonderful read this has been! Brunner has a sense of the future unlike most I have read plus he is a strong and inventive writer. He tries several innovative techniques, including stream of consciousness. which will have the reader going every which way. But it works. The background character Chad Mulligan makes pithy and relevant comments on society in this crowded, paranoid and resource poor world powered by mega corporations. If you can get into this book, i.e. past the first three to four chapters, it is well worth the read. Take that Stephen King!