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The Marketing Mavens. Noel Capon.

The Marketing Mavens. Noel Capon. 2007. isbn 9780307354099. Another valuable text from Crown Business. I was prepared for yet another academic view of “the old regular big companies.” Yet Capon really does deliver an easy to read and very useful marketing analysis book. It is fascinating and useful to read how th every large companie slike Samsung, Amazon, Vodaphone , Dell and Toyota made dramatic shifts in their market approach and learned from their customers. I was particularly interested in the steps SAP took to recover from the MySAP and E-City initiatives which resulted in their corporate messaging move away from the technology and toward customer benefits. Did you know Dell is now no. 2 in PC sales in China and is hurting Lenovo on their home turf? How about Oracle using the Oracle Technology network as their primary marketing channel, resulting in significant uptick in sales and a decrease in marketing expense? The author has done us all a great favor through his depth of research.