August 17th 2007

Spook Country. William Gibson.

Spook Country. William Gibson.2007. ISBN 9780399154300. Possibly the easiest book to read that Gibson has written. The first of his stories which has used Vancouver, and that’s cool. I keep trying to locate the characters in what street and building they were talking about. A few characters from Pattern Recognition have returned, which I thnk is also a first for him. Once you understand the various interplays of the characters, the book races right along.¬† There¬† truly is a spook country. But you never know what the story is really about until the final pages. If you like his work, this book does not disappoint. I look forward to when locator art is available. Good book for the geek in you.

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  1. I agree with you that this is Gibson’s most easy-to-digest book, and that it moves right along. But I feel that those are not necessarily strengths, in that Gibson seems to have taken some of his gifts for granted here and missed on some of the substance.

    I share your view that while there are many interesting observations and ideas in here, I found it disappointing as a whole. The characters are flat, and the culminating scene which purports to tie the various plot threads together struck me as artificial, forced and hollow.

    I was delighted when I heard that Gibson would have another book out this summer, reserved a copy at a local bookstore, picked it up on the day of release, and devoured it in 24 hours. It gave me a stomachache, and a headache. My full review is at the link below:


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