August 13th 2007

The New Influencers. A marketers guide to the new social media. Paul Gillin

The New Influencers. A marketers’ guide to the new social media. Paul Gillin. 2007. ISBN 1884956653. This title is a tad misleading, because the book is pretty well focussed on blogging, blogs, tagging and podcasts. The explosive nature of social media, means that much more has happened since he sent this book to the press. However it is still a good resource. The foreword by Geoffrey Moore is a treasure. Also the small stories about influencers etc in this area are very useful. (Do you know what Dan Bricklin is up to these days? ) Gillin sends you to some applicable resources. E.g. Podsafe music is “free” music that you can use on your podcast, provided the artist gets attribution. It will date pretty fast, but if you can get it from the library etc. it is a worthwhile read.

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