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All Tomorrow’s Parties. William Gibson

All Tomorrow’s Parties. William Gibson. 1999. ISBN 0441007554. Summer reading looks like more Gibson, Vancouvers resident sci fi specialist.. So its not that far into the future after Neuromancer. Those who are in the know are plugged into the Net. Some have taken, a since withdrawn ,drug that greatly improves their discernment powers of major nodal changes in the fabric of the Ne. The action jumps between Tokyo and San Francisco. The Bay bridge has been condemned and a host of homeless people have built homes and businesses on it ala London Bridge in the 1700’s. Fast paced as Gibson does it, the world may or may not end, perhaps change for the good or the worse, but its an entertaining filled chronicle replete with different characters and semi familiar settings. He gives us good guys, bad guys and lots of grey people in between. You may never look at a 7-11 the same again! His new book Spook Country, located in Vancouver, comes out this week.