July 31st 2007

The Slow Pace of Fast Change. Bhaskar Chakravorti.

The Slow Pace of Fast Change. Bhaskar Chakravorti. 2003. ISBN 157651780X. This is the seminal book for moving technology into markets. Chakravorti is a partner with Schwartz in the Monitor Group. Combining thoughts and analysis of major market innovations and non events, truth rings out from these pages. Using John Nash’s “beautiful mind’ theory of the equilibrium of social networks being composed of individuals who act out of personal self interest and expect all others to do the same, Chakravorti shows how “an individual” seeking to introduce a “disruptive” innovation must behave in order to succeed, else the system will react to preserve the status quo and negate his efforts. A tremendous complement to Innovators Solution and others, Chakravorti presents a thought process and intellectual methodology of working back from the desired endgame, in order to make the appropriate strategic decisions based on the application of serious game theory. A must have book, very readable and compelling. Brilliant.

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