July 31st 2007

Selling to Vito (The Very Important Top Officer) Antony Parinello

Selling to Vito (The Very Important Top Officer)1999. Antony Parinello. ISBN 1-58062-224-0. Parinello specializes in prospecting and selling to the hardest to reach, the top decision makers. If your salespeople are guilty of selling too low, Parinello has the medicine to fix that and many other sales symptom such as high cost of sales and long sales cycles. This is not a theory into practice book, but a step by step practical guide to becoming a more professional salesperson. I especially enjoyed the sales recovery section, what to do when it appears that a competitor has beaten you out of the competition. I would not want my competitor to have his salespeople trained by this guy! Permanent bookshelf material here. One comment, he does not address the place of email in his campaigns.

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