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The Power of Corporate Kinetics. Fradette and Michaud.

The Power of Corporate Kinetics. Fradette and Michaud. 1998. ISBN 0684855909. A study of companies that innovate rapidly by two Deloitte and Touche consultants. A regular management consultants book, its value lies in the war stories and employee anecdotes. Get it from the library. It took me over 6 months to finish. Riveting ? Not!

The Consultants Guide to Publicity. Reece A. Franklin

The Consultants Guide to Publicity. Reece A. Franklin. ISBN 0471126217. 1996. A very “how to ” book. Easy read with lots of examples, and templates set out. He tells it like it is and I found the book very true to what is needed. It is useful to any business which sells a service. Get it for your bookshelf.

Work 2.0. Bill Jensen

Work 2.0. Bill Jensen. 2002. ISBN o738205699. This is an HR book from the author who brought us Simplicity. Well worth the read if you need to know what your workers really want and how to get yourself to the next level. Rent it, read it.Its an easy read.

Its Not Rocket Science. Mitchell Gooze

Its Not Rocket Science. Mitchell Gooze. 2002. ISBN 1889772046. Of course I had to buy this book!
More than a catchy title, this is the clearest delineation of the role of marketing to build a sustainable business. I wish I had written this. If you want to win, you need this book. Its a keeper and a good read.

How Wireless works. Preston Gralla

How Wireless works. Preston Gralla. QUE ISBN-789724871 A bargain at Half Price Computer Books. Part of a four book bundle (Windows XP, How the Internet Works and How Computers Work all for $39.) If you are in the field and want the essential How To Series, this is it. Gralla was Managing editor of PC Week and PC World. The man can write a very readible technical book. Lots of pictures and examples so he makes it all easy from FM through to GPS and the latest Symbian phones. Your library needs this if your memory is gettin like mine, moving to the Swiss Cheese Model. Plus you can explain it to almost anyone!

The Chasm Companion. Paul Wieffels

The Chasm Companion. Paul Wieffels. ISBN 0066620554
“A field book to Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado(Implementing effective marketing strategies for high-technology companies)”. This book was put together by several of Geoffrey Moore’s practitioners at The Chasm Group. If it’s been awhile since you read Crossing and Tornado, this will be very good review. The various models for each step are very useful in clearly explaining the issues to non sales and marketing types. I read this over a three month period as it was so very useful. It has a found a permanent spot on my bookshelf.

The Microsoft Edge. Julie Bick

The Microsoft Edge. Julie Bick ISBN 0671034138.1999. Found this in the heavily discounted Xmas sales area at Chapters. If you, like me, admire Microsofts strengths in product management, launches and marketing, this is a good book to have. Written in a very succinct style, the author lays out the Microsoft strategies for building success. Key chapters. Hiring and Keeping Best People, Doing business on the Web (dated but not bad), New Products, Not So New products and Partners. The direct quotes from Sr Microsoft VPs, Directors, and Managers are very relevant. A smart book about smart people by a smart author. This is a personal bookshelf item for marketers.

The Cartoon Guide to Genetics. Larry Gonick

The Cartoon Guide to Genetics. Larry Gonick ( updated) ISBN 0062730991. If you are at all like me and your last Biology course (high school) genetic content ended at Mendel, then this is a good updater. Recommended by a VC friend of mine when I asked about Biotech investing, it covers the field right up to gene splicing and genetic engineering. At least I now can recognize the language of recombinant DNA and many of the related issues. If you need to get started on Genetics this is a good place. It may be in a cartoon format, but it does not slow down that much. Good read if you enjoy pure content.

Golf and Business: A summary

Golf and Business:
A Perfect Couple?
What better way to get to know somebody, commune with nature, work a deal, and improve your swing ?– all at the same time .

Tales from the High and Mighty?
War stories from Scott McNealy, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Tiger’s dad, Earl Woods.

Top Teachers for Top Execs?
No CEO has time to learn the game unaided. Here are some of the people who teach these not-always-model students.

For John D. Rockefeller, Golf Was Life. In a Q&A, Rockefeller biographer Ron Chernow explains how and why John D. became ?– please excuse us — such a golf nut.

Hitting the Green to Stay in the Loop. Increasingly, that’s what women execs are doing. Hey, guys! Fore! Stronger Sex hah!

Ties for Couples on the Links?
For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. No matter whose handicap is higher.

Tiger: Up Close, but Not Too Personal. A new biography of Tiger Woods will please fans of the golfing phenom. They just won’t learn what he’s really, really like!

How to Become a Rainmaker. Jeffrey J. Fox

How to Become a Rainmaker. Jeffrey J. Fox ISBN 078686595. Rainmakers are the big contract guys in your sales organizations. Think of Al Pacino in Glengary Glenross. They never stop selling and are the go to guy when the deal has to be done to make or break the company. Fox has put together a small, great book that is a quick easy read ,yet well done. Any salesperson hoping to break into the top 5% group would benefit from this book. It is also useful if you need to hire great salespeople, this book shows you what to look for. Its a keeper for your bookshelf.