July 31st 2007

Guts! Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

Guts! Kevin and Jackie Freiberg. 2004. ISBN 0385509618. These two wrote Nuts! the story of Southwest Airlines. This extends their work in looking at”Companies that blow the doors off business-as-usual.” “It reveals the secrets behind 15 companies known for unorthodox leadership, a blatant disregard for conventional wisdom – and record profits.” They interview the CEOs who make this happen plus the supporting staff, so the observations and conclusions are validated. Companies such as SAS, Medtronic, Fredic’s, Planet Honda, Quad/Graphics, Southwest Airlines, Stanlet Steemer, Synovus, AFLAC, USAA, Bon Marche’ all open their kimonas on how they really look after their employees which results in high margins and great strong ethical businesses. Probably one of the better useful books on leadership today. www.freibergs.com check out cool tools! Get the book from the library, buy it if you believe it, bookmark the site.

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