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Pornified. How pornography is damaging our lives, our relationships, and our families. Pamela Paul

Pornified. How pornography is damaging our lives, our relationships, and our families. Pamela Paul. 2005. ISBN 0805081321. A disturbing, yet balanced book with a message that does need to get out. Well researched, annotated and presented, this book really challenged my “liberal” beliefs through just presenting the facts. Pornography is the commercialization of women, turning men into consumers and women into products to be used and discarded. The billion dollar porn industry has many similarities to the cigarette industry, so aptly portrayed in The Insider film. The boundaries of porn continue to be pushed, taboos reduced and the prevalence in society etc. increases personal and societal acceptance. The porn industry wants it that way. You read about the porn addicts, the off shore aspects, and the politics. Issues collide in this book and some sensible suggestions made on what could be done. Of course we can delete the spam etc. but why should this be tolerated so that the young, our wives and girlfriends, continue to be always brought face to face to it? Its not harmless. Remove the market, and production is decreased.

Wining in Kelowna and getting benched in Naramata

A brief respite from books to partake some vino in Kelowna. Cedar Creek Estate Winery and St Hubertus and Oak Bay Estate Wineries on Lakeshore road. Cedar Creek the location of a wedding we went to, very civilized and stunning location, with lots of wine to sample. I enjoyed their signature Ehrenfelser, a fruity white as well as the signature Merlot. But I bought the Estate Pinot Noir…the promise of some memorable meals in about 4 years. An easy stumble next door down the road was St Hubertus, home to a big big red. Oak Bay Chabourcin/Merlot, drinkable now (which we did) but a couple of bottles will be put aside for some feasts in 3 years. We chanced on the Saturday market in Kelowna, where the Peach ladies daughter did us proud – what a treat, every box comes with a story!

I hesitate to tell you about my favorite BC winery, located in Naramata, since they produce just enough wine for me and a few restaurants. Kettle Valley Wines is perched on a spit of land projecting from the bluffs looking back to Penticton. An absolutely spendid location with really really good wine. My annual order was ready so we decided to drop by. What treats too, the Malbech, Syrah and Pino Noir. Never fail to sooth and satisfy. I will await their fall release of Old Main Red…to dream. Off to lunch in Naramata- Camp Creek Station Pub never fails us , they still make everything there, fresh to order. Waiting and sipping was worth it, in still sleepy Naramata. Then why not try a few other wines wending our way on the winding Naramata road. The Red Rooster – home to the famous (naked) Baggage handler, They have been sold to Andres wines, but the upstairs art gallery is still a treat. Then Township 7 ( with a second location in Langley). The gold medal Merlot had just sold out minutes before, so we tried but did not buy the Syrah and Bordeaux Reds. Then turn our horse home to the sodden Coast, having a bit of Hope-Princeton road fun with a snappy “Vette and a classy Porche.